why lakewood?

why Lakewood Elementary?

Lakewood Elementary School is a Title 1 school located in Durham, North Carolina.

Durham is the most ethnically diverse of North Carolina's major metropolitan communities and Lakewood Elementary celebrates a diverse student body representative of our community. Our community is invested in keeping our diversity strong, and in creating an exceptional learning environment for our students, and an exceptional teaching environment for our teachers.

Lakewood Elementary is a Community School!

"Community Schools embody how education should function in a healthy democracy – they’re public schools that provide services and support which fit each neighborhood’s needs, created and run by the people who know our children best – families, educators, community organizations, local governments, and the students themselves – all working together."

Visit the National Education Association for more information about what makes Community Schools special.

Lakewood Elementary offers a magnet Spanish Immersion Program.

Check our NEWS & EVENTS page for more about our amazing community!

Opportunities for prospective families

Considering Lakewood Elementary for your child and want to learn more?

The following opportunities are available:

  • Connecting with parents: Current Lakewood parents welcome the opportunity to share their experiences with the school. If you'd like to be connected with parents who have children enrolled at the school, please contact Jessica Carda-Auten, PTA Board member at jcardaauten@gmail.com.

  • Volunteer at Lakewood: Have a talent or some time you'd like to share with your neighborhood school? We'd love your help and there are always opportunities to dedicate your time and skills to our school. For more information and to get started: https://bit.ly/LakewoodPartners.

  • Join the PTA listserv: Want to stay abreast of opportunities for advocacy and volunteering, or receive updates about upcoming PTA meetings and school events? You don't need to be an official member of the PTA to join the listserv. Email Jessica Carda-Auten at jcardaauten@gmail.com with a request to be added.

  • Attend a PTA meeting: Learn about the current priorities and initiatives at Lakewood by joining us for a PTA meeting. Meeting schedule is on our About page.

Questions? Contact the PTA

help make lakewood elementary an exceptional learning & teaching environment!