Bulldog Block Party 

See our Bulldog Block Party Event Page for more information on the Party!

Interested in donating to the raffle 

or becoming an event sponsor? 

Do you love winning free stuff? So do we! 

How can I participate in the raffle?

The raffle will be available to everyone who comes to our event! 

If you are a Lakewood Student when you enter your family will be given one raffle ticket as a thank you for coming to the event. Please write your name and contact information on that ticket. We will have a display of the raffle items and you can choose which raffle item you want to put your ticket on. This way you can choose what you want and not end up with something you aren't interested in. 

More raffle tickets will be available to purchase at a cost of $5/6 ticket. You may purchase as many tickets as you like in order to increase your chances of winning, or to put your name in for multiple items. 

Good luck! 

something for everyone!

What is the Bulldog Block Party?

The Bulldog Block Party is a free community event and fundraiser open to anyone who wants to come. 

Where: Lakewood Elementary School

When: April 27th, 2024

You can find more information about the games and activities on our Bulldog Block Party Events page.

What will be in our Raffle In 2024?

The auction will have items and services of all price points donated by local businesses and individuals. 

Some amazing things we've already secured are:

the CELEBRATION is free & the raffle is open to EVERYONE! 

we hope to see you there!